Creative Team Building

Solutions-focused, team oriented Creative Team Building with broad- based experience and hands-on skill in the successful implementation of many highly effective projects. Proven ability to successfully implement an organization’s color and visual requirements, identify unforeseen deficiencies and potential opportunities, and develop innovative solutions for improving productivity. A broad understanding of video, photography, computer hardware and software.

Accomplishments and Experienced

  • ●  I have worked directly with prestigious clients, advertising directors, art directors, production coordinators, and production personal to achieve the customer’s vision.
  • ●  Establish color consistency, and image editing from Vogue ads to billboards to invites for high-end Fashion agency more than 5 years.
  • ●  Provided the technical support to photographers for Fashion Runway show.
  • ●  Blending talents with photographers and clients to produce high-end photos.
  • ●  Attending many press-checks and making approvals for high end cliental.
  • ●  Establish workflow and procedures for image server by creating OPI database andworkflow.
  • ●  Worked with vendors to establish workflows and help create color profiles to cut wasteon press-checks.
  • ●  Establishing a team and provided motivation to the team to produce a high volume ofwork.
  • ●  Building web pages and e-commerce sites.
  • ●  Directing, Editing Video, and Photo Shoots for special occasions of all types.
  • ●  Published Photographer
  • ●  Digital Technician